Less sulphites, for more pleasure and good health.

Health conscious people will definitely appreciate the sulphur dioxide (sulphites) content in our wines. Enoconsulting (the services and applied research centre) in Erbusco, employed by Valoritalia, the certifying body for our denominations, revealed the following quantities of sulphite:

  • Valcalepio Bianco doc 2013 – total sulphur dioxide equal to 59 mg/l
  • Valcalepio Rosso doc 2012 - total sulphur dioxide equal to 42 mg/l
  • Valcalepio Rosso Riserva doc 2010 - total sulphur dioxide equal to 31 mg/l

This is an even better result when compared to the limits set by European regulations (EC Reg. no. 606/2009 and EC Reg. no. 203/2012):

  • 150 mg/l for reds (100 mg/l for organic reds)
  • 200 mg/l for whites (150 mg/l for organic whites and rosé)