From family traditions, from our father’s experience

After more than twenty years of success in distributing wine products, we decided to follow our passion and to restart to “produce wine”, by capturing our family’s traditions, taking our father’s experience as our starting point. Villa Domizia was established in 1995 to interpret new consumer trends with products contributing to promoting the local land.

Villa Domizia’s wines and spirits gradually gained market recognition for their innovative character and are appreciated by a wide range of consumers, including young adults. This appreciation has encouraged us to continue our research, merging tradition and innovation.

The choice of quality goes well beyond the product and extends to the distribution service, as we are intent on meeting a now global market by offering an impeccable service in record time.

  • 1995: Villa Domizia was established
  • 1998: first harvest of Valcalepio Riserva
  • 2006: launch of Cuvè Zerotre, an elegant wine produced with young consumers in mind
  • 2009: launch of Gaudes, the brand dedicated to making DOC wines from the Bergamo area better known and appreciated
  • 2010: first distillation of Gaudes grappa
  • 2011: press award at the 7th international “Emozioni dal Mondo” competition
  • 2011: first harvest of Brut Millesimato Terre del Colleoni
  • 2013: silver medal at the Wine World Championships in Brussels
  • 2014: launch of .UNO, forefather of the single variety Terre del Colleoni wines
  • 2015: launch of .ZERO
  • 2015: the project dedicated to organic wine production began


The land, in the wine industry, is a mix of various environments, production and unique cultures. We produce our wine according to tradition of course, but we have made the culture of Bergamo our own, including the now legendary passion for work and in particular “working well”, with utmost commitment to always achieving the best. Dedication, patience, time: for us, the only way to obtain and consolidate enhancement and innovation."