5 March 2018

Brandy 24 is our latest creation.

It is a Curtefranca wine spirit, distilled in copper cauldrons with a discontinuous still and it ages for 24 months in French oak barrels. The dark amber yellow shows off a crystal clear transparency and the olfactory notes conquer the senses with clean and intense, pleasing, harmonic aromas, spreading chocolate, tobacco, vanilla, dried plum and honey hints. The elegant and strong taste is combined with a persuasive softness; sweetness is finely balanced.

Brandy 24 by Villa Domizia is an ideal complicit during relaxing times, when our schedule can be put to one side and a break can be taken to satisfy our senses. The ideal tasting temperature is 18-20° in a ballon glass. Brandy 24 can be paired with dark chocolate or a fine Cuban cigar or Tuscan.