15 February 2015


The Terzi Rosso of Villa Domizia embraces uniqueness and leads to undiscovered emotions.

Punto Zero is an expression of uniqueness and provides an understanding of the bond between the product and environment and this enriches the variety of local wines. In this case, Villa Domizia’s research led to a new flavour, which is interesting for those who are seeking a fusion between the traditional and the innovative.

PUNTO ZERO is produced from Incrocio Terzi no. 1 grapes. The research originated from the winemaker Riccardo Terzi from Bergamo who was able to take advantage of combining the Barbera and Cabernet grapes. A robust full-bodied wine which has a unique taste. It has a deep red colour, an intense taste and a fruity aroma attributable by red fruits with a fragrant finish of poise and persistence. An ideal accompaniment to almost any meal and should be served at 16-18 degrees. Terre del Colleoni DOC (Controlled Destination of Origin).